Empowerment Training Center

Each month, the Foundation sponsors an educational and professional development seminar or workshop on various topics designed to aid families in overcoming obstacles and to help them in making critical lifechoices.

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These seminars and workshops are generally limited to 200-300 attendees. The smaller setting helps to facilitate a working session where information can be shared and individualized learning can take place through vigorous exchange between speaker and attendee.

Guest presenters come from all areas of business and industry. They are extremely qualified and bring with them a wealth of information and  knowledge. The seminars and workshops serve as a forum for exchange of information and ideas. The gatherings are informal and non-threatening which promotes interaction and learning.

Some of the seminar/workshop topics include: Financial Planning, Business Planning, Publishing Your Own Book, Women and Money, Credit Repair, Starting a Business, Computer Literacy, Million Dollar Roundtable, AID Awareness, Healthy Living, and Homebuyer Counseling.

The Empowerment Training Institute is here for YOU!

All classes are subject to change. Classes being offered will be posted on the TWEF website www.twef.org . For more information about classes and their instructors please email us at tweforg@hotmail.org or call (832) 434-5325.

The Empowerment Training Institute is a learning extension of The Texas Women’s Empowerment Foundation (TWEF).

All classes will be held at The Empowerment Center, 8333 Sweetwater Ln., Houston, Texas 77037 every 1st Monday of the month unless otherwise noted.

Class times and availability subject to change, please visit www.twef.org for all class updates.