Michele Thornton-Ghee, BET Network

For the past 20 years, Michele Thornton-Ghee has been a change agent in Corporate America. She created a multi million dollar business at CNN by creating a multicultural business unit. She established the brand strategy, the visuals, the name, the target lists, the relationships, identified insights about the multicultural audience and most importantly she garnered internal support from an organization which did not understand the opportunity existed.

Michele identified that there is an equation to success and that equation is executionable for work and personal growth.

Currently, Thornton is a senior executive at BET Networks and is the Head of Television Sales for BET Her. She is the only African American woman to head up a national sales team. Thornton applied the same principles and quickly rebranded Centric TV, a general entertainment network into the first network designed for black women. She once again shaped the brand brief, gathered valuable insights, outlined target lists, fashioned the external presentation and garnered internal and external support. Michele’s vision garnered $4M revenue increases in a 12-month period. The following year Michele renamed the network to BET Her to align with her powerful sister network BET.

Thornton’s ability to build successful strategy is now documented in her book Stratechic. She has sold more than 5000 copies and has been speaking to women and men across the United States. Thornton is passionate about teaching these same techniques to all who will listen.

Michele Thornton-Ghee is a transformational leader who is passionate about empowering people to tap into their Godgiven abilities. She encourages them to apply those abilities at work to grow ROI, in their personal life to walk with purpose and in their community to pave the way for the next generation.

In 2009, she was the honored with the ADCOLOR Change Agent Award. She was also honored in 2011 with the American Advertising Federation Mosaic Role Model of the Year Award. She has created strategic alliances on behalf of organizations such as The Ghetto Film School, NAMIC and AAF’s Most Promising Students. She currently sits on the Board of Directors for Hip Hop Sisters Foundation and ADCOLOR.

Michele received her Bachelor of Arts and an Honorary Doctorate in Human Letters from Golden Gate University. She is a proud wife and mother and resides in New Jersey.