Jacquelyn Aluotto, FUBU TV

Jacquelyn Aluotto is a true visionary. She’s knows as a hybrid producer, creator, director, and activist dedicated to eradicating violence, poverty, homelessness, and abuse. She has a gift and passion for merging the entertainment, beauty, and technology world with shelters and non profits across America that are breaking the cycle on communities affected by the war on poverty. Her philosophy is that we must sustain these organizations to transform communities and that standing up to social injustices becomes the most fashionable thing that any person can do. She believes that giving back is glamour’s and activism is sexy. She has been very successful at this unique task. Jacquelyn created, produced, and directed three new shows proving that making a difference is entertaining and engaging. She is the go to girl for celebrities, activist, influencers, and advocates who want to be featured on her shows and highlight their causes. She is the Director for FUBU TV’s Conscious Entertainment division. She is the founder of the popular website “Real Beauty Real Women.” She directed and produced the Award Winning Documentary “Not In My Backyard” with never before seen powerful footage of abused and homeless women and children. In 2012 NIMBY screened in Washington and received a standing ovation at “The World’s Women Conference Of Shelters.” Receiving a standing ovation from over 60 delegates of other countries representing women and children. Labeled ‘The Socially Conscious Fashionista” she is a popular face in the media. She has presented at numerous colleges, universities, summits, screenings, and conferences. She has received congressional recognition for her work. Two Citations’ from the State of New Jersey Senate and General Assembly. She is the recipient of many awards, to name a few 2016 “Women Making A Difference Award” honored by the Buffalo Soldier National Museum, 2015 Jacquelyn was featured in the best seller “Common Threads Trilogy” which honored a 100 women globally making a difference in innovative ways, the B.O.S.S. Network “Influencer” Award, Winnie Mandela Award, and Community Service Award. In 2010 she was voted a top 10 CEO women in America. She is the founder and creator of RBRW.ORG, Pick It Up Pictures, and her non-profit Break The Cycle. Her unscripted doc series the “NIMBY EXPERIENCE” is not only ground breaking but it is also changing the way people see the world while raising awareness and funds for what is happening in “Our Back Yards”. Currently this innovator is working on Real Beauty Real Women’s lip-gloss campaign “PuckerUpForChange” with some of the hottest beauty and fashion Icons. When she is not filming or creating she loves being in shelters and finding out what they really need to transform communities. Her favorite thing is being with her family and friends. Jacquelyn’s dream is to impact people through Conscious Entertainment that is making a real change in the world all while making it entertaining.